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Established in 1998, SBS® Water Systems pioneered the concept of Zincalume® Water Storage Solutions in the South African marketplace and is a leading name in the liquid storage tank industry worldwide. Using advanced design techniques and by collaborating with South Africa’s leading structural engineers, SBS Tanks® designs, manufactures and installs easily transportable, prefabricated Zincalume® steel panel tanks with multi-layered PVC internal liners.
  • Pre-fabricated Zincalume® steel panel tanks
  • Easy to transport and install
  • Suited for the world's harshest environments

Why Choose Us?

Advanced Design

Our tanks are made up of modular components, allowing a wide range of configurations, ease of transportation, and streamlined installation.

Expert Engineering

Collaborating with South Africa’s leading structural engineers, SBS Tanks® designs and manufactures water storage that is made to stand the test of time.

World-class Production

Manufactured in South Africa and exported worldwide, our tanks meet even the most rigorous of standards.

Our Products

Standard Range
Standard Range
Our standard water tank range with capacity of between 12 000 litres and 3.3 Million litres. SBS Tanks® are made of steel that is hot dipped and coated with a molten alloy of 55% aluminium, 43.5% zinc and 1.5% silicon, commonly referred to by its trade name Zincalume® , thus rendering SBS Tanks® highly resistant to corrosion.
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Econo Range
Econo Range
Our high quality, value for money water storage tank range, with larger capacities and longer life span than plastic tanks along with a simple DIY installation. Best suited for installation in agricultural & rainwater harvesting installations at small holdings, rural homes, nurseries, farms, and small businesses.
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Cyclonic Range
Cyclonic Range
Cyclonic Rated Storage Tanks for Regions with a high incidence of meteorological hazards such as tropical storms, hurricanes, cyclones and typhoons. Cyclonic rated water and liquid storage tanks are required in regions where hurricanes, typhoons or other high velocity wind events are a likelihood.
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Latest News

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“Dear Delayne, what a privilege to meet one of our members that really “walk the talk” with regard to supporting local products and services. You are a true resemblance of the Proudly SA Ethos. “We are indeed proud to have SBS Tanks as part of the Proudly SA family!”
Dalene du Preez
Proudly SA – Executive Manager: Marketing and Communications
“I just wanted to congratulate you and your Team for winning the KZN Small Exporter of the Year award! Well done! May your business grow from strength to strength.”
Tenille de Vos
Steelbank – Sales Representative
“Once again your team did a beautiful job thank you for that.”
Martin Muller
SBT Civils – Projects Manager