Complete water storage solution for mining

South Africa is known to have the largest reserves of fluorspar globally. The source of fluorite, fluorspar has many uses including the production of certain glasses and enamels.  It is also a source of fluorine, an element that is used in the production of non-stick coating for frying pans.

During 2016 DRA Projects as part of a joint venture with Group Five, approached SBS® to assist with the development of a pre-feasibility study for the proposed mine development and associated infrastructure at the Nokeng Fluorspar Mine. Owned and operated by Sepfluor Limited, the mine has an estimated total mineral reserve of 12 million tonnes of fluorspar.

The following seven tanks were specified and installed to provide storage solutions for various stages of the mining and processing cycle from borehole water storage through to filtered water storage with a combined gross capacity of 1,884kl.

  • Roofed 38kl Borehole Water Tank
  • Open 1415kl Raw Water Tank
  • Roofed 28kl Potable Water Feed Tank
  • Roofed 28kl Potable Product Tank
  • Roofed 57kl Soft Water Tank.
  • Open 38kl Clarified Water Tank
  • Open 280kl Filtered Water Tank.

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