Maintaining production during water supply interruptions

Continuous water supply is key to prevent operational interruptions in the industrial sector. Aged and fragile municipal infrastructure results in regular supply interruptions, costing manufacturing and production operations loss of income and downtime. Installing effective back up water supply storage ensures operational continuity.

Manufacturers of the TOMCO brand of canned goods, Zinandi Trading in Tongaat, KwaZulu-Natal, had experienced the high cost of lost production, associated operational re-start and the challenges of maintaining their production schedule due to interrupted water supply.  To cover a single day’s production, they required 200kl back-up water storage but faced the challenges of a limited site footprint, with the only possible position for a water tank on a severely sloped site.

SBS® proposed the installation of an SBS® Water Tank Model ST09/07 with a diameter of 6.14m, height of 7.31m and effective volume of 204kl. The modular design characteristics of the tank enabled the achievement of the effective volume required within the limited footprint available. With the assistance of the in-house engineering office, SBS® identified three possible solutions to the sloped site with the decision taken to appoint a structural engineer to design a raised concrete ring beam to suit the slope of the proposed tank site.

Installed in just 8 days, Zinandi Trading was able to maintain production during a water supply interruption and recoup their investment with the first municipal supply interruption experienced.

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