Protect your assets from fire

Phase 2 of the comprehensive fire suppression system at a 64-hectare Smart Warehouse complex in Bayhead, Durban is now underway and will see an additional two 780kl water storage tanks installed on site. The tanks, originally designed and constructed as a unique installation as part of Phase 1 at the complex, are considered to be the tallest circular bolted water storage reservoirs in existence and occupy a limited footprint, maximising on site water storage capacity.

SBS® brought a new and unique solution to the table for Phase 1 to meet the needs of this specific development. At this stage, the tallest SBS® Tank® was 9m high, and SBS® took on the challenge to design a new 11m tank to store the minimum required effective water capacity of 780kl per tank with a diameter of 9.55m each.

To meet the project needs, accommodating the limited space available, the SBS® internal drawing office, structural engineers and project managers developed the first ever ES14/11 – an 11-ring high water reservoir – which was successfully installed in just over two weeks. Once the water was connected the reservoirs were commissioned and filled in a short space of time and the client protected with its own SBS® “Built for Better” water storage solution.

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