Replacing ageing infrastructure with a premium solution

Lafarge Mining Tygerberg in Cape Town contacted SBS® for quotations to replace their ageing water storage infrastructure at the crusher plant, which was rusted, leaking and in danger of collapsing threatening the adjacent office park. Lafarge opted for a tank with effective capacity of 180kl to mitigate the immediate crisis they were facing.

SBS® conducted a comprehensive needs assessment and offered a practical and sustainable solution. The existing tanks were dilapidated and needed to be replaced. The site was relatively inaccessible and turnaround time on the project relatively short. The replacement tank could be placed and anchored on the existing concrete floor of the dilapidated tank, but the walls needed to be demolished to prevent causing damage to the new tank. An SBS Tanks® Model ST13/03 with a gross capacity of 196kl, storing an effective volume of 180kl was installed and commissioned with a further order to replace the second tank received following the installation.

Lafarge South Africa, a subsidiary of the Lafarge Holcim Group, manufactures and supplies cement, aggregates, ready mix concrete and fly ash. The company has been operating in South Africa since 1998, employing well over 2,000 employees.

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