Water quality with a premium storage solution

Located in the beautiful region of Paddock on the Southern coast of KwaZulu Natal, Ezinqoleni Essential Oils (PTY) Ltd is an established farming enterprise with a nursery and distillation plant. As one of the main suppliers of quality organic tea tree, rose geranium & rosemary seedlings to over 300 farmers in the vicinity, Ezinqoleni is also a bulk trader of organically certified essential oils.

Water is critical to the germination and growth of seedlings, and during 2019 Ezinqoleni Essential Oils set about upgrading their water supply and irrigation infrastructure. They approached SBS® Solutions SA to devise a solution to meet their needs for 100kl effective storage.

The system needed to consider several key factors for the optimum growth of the seedlings:

  • Water quality – a filtration plant needed to precede the bulk water storage tank.
  • Water temperature – high temperature water can stunt plant growth, while low temperature water could also have a negative effect. This could result in crop production losses.

The bulk water storage tank needed to keep the treated water clean and the temperature constant. In addition, it was required to act as a heat exchanger, keeping the growing tunnels at a constant 21°C. This was to be achieved by blending hot water from the distillery and cool water from the tank, with the water run through a reticulation system networked throughout the foundation of the seedling nursery to maintain the required temperature year-round.

Ezinqoleni Essential Oils prepared the surface and constructed a reinforced concrete ring beam and a SBS® Tanks Model EC12/02, specifically designed for the agricultural market, complete with roof and applicable accessories, was installed.

The SBS® tank provided 112kl gross storage capacity, keeping the treated water clean by means of a free-span dome roof to keep dust out and a potable PVC liner to contain the water preventing the water from making contact with the tank walls. The liner, or bladder, made of polyester yarn and coated with PVC is well suited to withstand high water temperatures for long durations as well as to blend the water to simulate ambient temperatures. The design engineering of the tank allows for the constant movement of water in and out of the tank.

With the installation of a single SBS® Tank, using best practice measures to minimise the risk of water shortage or loss, the need for multiple tanks and an array of manifolds was eliminated.

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