Industries That Benefit From Commercial Water Tanks

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As a fully authorised and listed ASIB supplier of industrial and commercial water tanks, we have a great understanding of the sectors that utilise our solutions. At SBS® Tanks, our fire, municipal and food & beverage water tanks allow many businesses across a host of industries to operate more efficiently. This enables us to make a tangible and profitable impact in a variety of markets.

Which industries are likely to benefit from commercial water tanks? The answer is as diverse as it is impressive. From mining to hospitality and even fire protection, we’re taking a closer look at them and the role we play below.

First and foremost, we have a presence in the mining sector. This is one area where we’ve seen much success. Not only do our tanks help to contain dangerous liquids, but they also stand their own in some of the toughest environments. In an industry like mining, it’s also vital that all implemented equipment meets stringent health and safety regulations. As a result, we go to great lengths to ensure that our modular liquid storage solutions are compliant and hard-wearing enough for such demands.

Another industry that utilises our solutions is that of municipalities. Thanks to an ever-growing popularity within the South African market, we are proud to have partnerships with several local municipalities. As a result, our bolted steel water tanks have become a key player in the implementation of community water supply schemes. This has helped to drive the fulfilment of basic human rights. These include the likes of sanitation, clean water and even dignity. Our water tanks transcend just the storage of portable water alone. They also act as wastewater and leachate storage as well as treatment storage solutions. This makes them a multi-purpose offering that delivers several applications.

The hospitality industry forms another important division of our client base. This is a logical fit, especially when you consider the water shortages in more recent times. Naturally, these present a growing concern to those who rely on water to execute the running of their businesses. Our solutions present a reliable water infrastructure that provides priceless peace of mind. With our product being incredibly diverse, the role that they’ve been able to play has been a multi-purpose one. With our solutions being modular in nature, they can also be relocated if need be. This allows for versatility, something important for business viability.

Alongside our understanding for protecting life and assets, we’re proud to have a presence in the fire protection realm. As a result, our products are designed and manufactured to deliver total safety and reliability. It’s why we’re an ASIB approved supplier that conforms to 11th Edition Rules. In addition, we’ve received the title as a preferred supplier for several prestigious Fixed Fire Protection Installations. We consider this be a great honour that was achieved through a partnership with other fire protection specialists. Through the spirit of collaboration, we’ve seen both our company and those that we partner with reach exciting and rewarding heights.

Over 20 years of experience for exceptional results:

At SBS®, our legacy is one of premium quality that drives tangible results. As an ISO 9001:2015 and ISO18001:2007 accredited company, our affiliations with professional bodies and organisations make us trusted experts in our field. From our headquarters in Pinetown, Durban, our team of over 150 is driven by innovation and excellence. Through training and continual improvement, we’ve been able to empower our staff to make a tangible impact on the industries we service.

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