Drought Donation - SBS Tank Installed Outdoors in Rural Community

Drought Donation – Gift of the Givers

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Drought Donation of 336 kilolitres of Emergency Water Storage to NGO Gift of the Givers

The desperate drought that currently grips South Africa has seen the country unite in action to assist fellow citizens and animals in need. SBS® was no exception and at the start of 2016, the company contacted NGO Gift of the Givers with the offer of three 112kl water storage tanks, to be made available to drought affected locations. The towns of Lindley, Mamafubedu and Trompsburg were identified. Due to the urgency of the matter, all departments within SBS® pulled together and the usual fabrication lead time was dramatically reduced to the point that it enabled a team to depart for the first two installations at the end of January 2016. Gift of the Givers were very involved in the process and provided emergency supplies to affected communities as the tanks were being erected. Relief operations and tank installations were featured in the national broadcast news. SBS® are happy to report that all three installations were complete by the end of February 2016. Gift of the Givers facilitated the filling of the tanks via water tankers which were brought in from neighbouring areas. The various municipalities have taken custodianship of the tanks and will be responsible for the maintenance and upkeep thereof.

SBS is  indebted to the following companies and individuals who have contributed in making this vision a reality:

Gift of the Givers – Dr Imtiaz Sooliman & Emily Thomas

Phoenix Galvanizing – Anni & Roy Ramkisson

Allied Steelrode – Oscar Naidoo and Linda Pearce

Safintra Roofing – Justin Jackson and Lionel Somanna

Process Steel and Tube -Dorian Labuschagne & Jason Mattinson

Cobus Labuschagne – VKB Lindley

Karl Finger & Matabelo Magage – AVENG Grinaker LTA – Trompsburg

H3&Hni Honiball – Bikirus Lindley

Koekie Mulder – Ons Lindleyer

Steven & Michelle – Lindley Sports Club

Jacob Rheeder – External Sales Representative  SBS Water Systems (Pty) Ltd