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Join SBS Tanks® in #PushingBackDayZero – Cape Water Crisis

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Water is an essential part of everyday life – and if anyone has had to learn to appreciate it fast, it has been the City of Cape Town and surrounds.

The Cape Water crisis continues to threaten residents of Cape Town, and even though they hold onto the hope served every time that day zero is pushed back, serious measures will need to be taken to ensure that the harrowing crisis is truly kept at bay.

The country has gathered en masse across social media to show support for the people and places affected by this crisis – but sharing the latest #DayZero news, and endorsing a couple of posts is not going to be enough to combat this national crisis.

That is why SBS Tanks® is calling the people of Durban (and beyond!) to show their support by donating water to those affected by the Cape water crisis, helping to #PushBackDayZero.

SBS® Headquarters will be acting as an official water drop-off zone, gathering 5l water bottle donations and getting it to those who need it most. Donations will be accepted between 07:30 – 16:30 on weekdays, at Unit 6C, Surprise Park, Surprise Road, Pinetown. If that is a little bit out of your way, but you would still like to donate to the cause, please feel free to submit a cash donation below. All water collections made by SBS® will be handed over to the Gift of the Givers foundation, who will be distributing the water.

The Cape Town drought is an us problem, not a them problem. Although most people in other parts of South Africa still have access to municipal water, this drought affects us all. The critical part played by Cape Town within the South African economy cannot be ignored. Encourage your friends, family, colleagues and counterparts to contribute towards this cause, and let’s unite in the plight to #PushBackDayZero.




If you would like to donate an amount greater than R100, please EFT your donation to the banking details below. Please use WaterDonation as a reference.


FNB, Pietermaritzburg



Commercial Cheque