Cyclonic Water Storage Range

Cyclonic Rated Storage Tanks for Regions with a high incidence of meteorological hazards such as tropical storms, hurricanes, cyclones and typhoons.

The SBS Tanks® CY Range Is Engineered To Last.

Cyclonic rated water and liquid storage tanks are required in regions where hurricanes, typhoons or other high velocity wind events are a likelihood.

SBS®, in collaboration with local engineering professionals adept in dealing with design suitable for areas affected by meteorological hazards, has designed, developed and now manufactures the SBS Tanks® Cyclonic (CY) Range of storage tanks.

While the capacity, diameter, height and well known aesthetic appearance of the SBS® tank remain the same, there are some notable changes to the already robust and durable reservoir body. To meet the much more aggressive wind loads that the structure is subjected to in these high velocity wind events the weight and thickness of roof sheets, roof trusses, body panels have been dramatically increased. The hold down brackets which anchor the tank to its foundation are also substantially heavier.

The SBS Tanks® CY Range is designed to withstand wind speeds of up to 67 metres per second (240kph or 150mph) ensuring that our customers can remain calm throughout the storm knowing that their water supply is safe and ready for use once the storm has passed.