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Water Storage Solutions For Your Home

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Climate change, unpredictable weather patterns, and escalating utility costs mean that finding water storage solutions for your home is essential. Let’s consider some safe ways your family can store, re-use, and save water at home:

Grey Water System
A grey water system can help to substantially reduce the amount of water your family uses every day. It entails recycling gently used water and re-using it for other purposes. For example, collecting water from your bathtub and re-using it to flush the toilet. Flushing toilets use a mammoth amount of water each time, so re-using water for this helps to prevent water wastage. Use buckets to store or transport grey water around your house, or install a grey water system. Grey water can be used to water your garden and plants.

Rainwater Harvesting
Rainwater harvesting systems can also help to offset your water bill, and you can install a fully-fledged system or simply collect rain water in a rudimentary way using buckets. Note, however, that if you’re collecting rainwater in buckets or other containers, rather don’t use it for drinking. Use collected rainwater for household cleaning,

Storing Water in Your Fridge or Cupboards
Storing drinking water is important, but doing it safely is even more critical. If you purchase bottled water, make sure it’s correctly sealed and check the expiry date on the bottle. If you’re storing water that you’ve drawn from a household tap, ensure your containers are clean and disinfected. Check with your municipality for information on whether or not you need to purify, or boil, your stored water, before drinking it.

A Water Tank for Your Home

One of the best water storage solutions for your home is, of course, a water tank. Water tanks can be customised to suit your specific needs, and connected to various types of water collection systems. Finding the right type of water storage solutions for your home can be a little tricky, but we’re happy to help. Call us for some advice, (we love talking about water!) and let’s save and store water, the right way, together!