Industrial Water Tanks For The Food & Beverage Industry

Increased water supply demand, unreliable water infrastructure and environmental factors have driven the demand for water supply security in the manufacturing sector for operational requirements. Water supply security has been identified as a key economic business risk by industry leaders ahead of energy supply security. Almost every industry can benefit from backup process water for business as water is used throughout various stages of business, in product use, the supply chain and manufacturing. A lack of access to water can be a major challenge for any business’ growth. Through its 20 years in existence, SBS® Water Systems have partnered with various corporates within the Manufacturing, Food and Beverage industry in providing water storage solutions for backup water supply. Due to diversity of the product, many of these projects have been multi-purpose in function. The modular nature of the product also allows for tanks to be relocated should the need arise.

Tanks are available capacities ranging from 12 kℓ to 3 300 kℓ