Complete crop protection solution for early market grains

Early harvest of grain crops reduces exposure to the elements but comes with the challenge of preventing pest and mould infestation in storage. The SBS® Agri Automated Grain Drying and Conditioning system alleviates these risks for farmers allowing early harvest (as much as three months) at up to 27% moisture content.

Reaching the globally accepted threshold of below 14% moisture content, the grain is maintained at this level for extended periods in SBS Agri’s aerated bins, controlled by SBS Humidity Control Units and handled and distributed at the farmer’s convenience to meet market demands.

SBS® Agri’s Automated Grain Drying and Conditioning System consists of:

  • Aerated wet bin with automatic SBS Humidity Control Unit.
  • State-of-the-art Diesel Burners to feed hot, dry air into the third component.
  • An Ultra Dry, allowing for continuous drying and immediate storage in an aerated bin;
  • Aerated Cooling Bin and/or;
  • Long Term Aerated Storage bins.

SBS® Agri grain handling systems include bucket elevators, grain canons, chain conveyors, and augers and the new SBS® Agri Slide Gate Monitoring System, enhancing grain handling and storage security.

Need to harvest early and protect your grain? Prevent loss due to crop damage, crop theft, peak season devaluation, insufficient grain storage, pest and mould infestation and loss of tonnage due to over-drying. Contact the SBS® Agri Team today.