Cyclone and corrosion resistant water storage solutions

SBS® Global Solutions is no stranger to the Mozambican Port of Beira having previously worked alongside consulting engineers in a bid to upgrade the water storage capabilities for potable and processing water and for fire protection reservoirs.

The SBS® installation team is currently in the process of installing two cyclone resistant fire reservoir tanks for a processing plant in Beira. Situated on the east coast of Africa, Mozambique averages about 1.5 tropical cyclones a year, and although not often higher than Category 2, these typically cause widespread damage.  The water storage tanks, designed to exacting specifications to withstand wind speeds of up to 240km/h, each with a capacity of 257kl will provide a combined effective water storage capability of 514 000 litres. 

With an expected lifespan of over 60 years, SBS® Tanks water storage reservoirs from the SBS® Cyclone Range, are manufactured from Zincalume® steel panels to withstand tough corrosive conditions, essential for coastal applications, with water stored within a potable water liner to prevent contact with the tank structure and further extend the longevity of the system.

Situated in an SADC country and need a corrosion and wind resistant industrial water storage system that can withstand cyclonic conditions? Speak to SBS® Global Solutions: Henry Morkel – Email: Mobile: +27 63 937 7514  Tel: +27 31 716 1820 or visit .

Ring 1, which is roughly 1.14m high and the two tanks at the Beira installation will require a further 5 rings, measuring in at 6.28m total height.

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