Positive impacts of nature-controlled aeration on grain storage

Moisture control in grain storage means money. The option to harvest and supply grain in an earlier market mitigates some of the risk to the crop and to you, the farmer. Control the temperature and humidity in grain storage with controlled aeration and reduce the risk of crop damage.

There is a direct correlation between temperature and humidity. Controlling fans with a system that continuously checks the humidity levels, switching the fans on and off automatically, emulates nature in a condensed form, provides good aeration with effective controls.

Keeping the grain cool, at a constant temperature of 20°C, leads to reduced mould and insect development. Reducing grain temperature with this method also serves to protect seed viability.

With automatic aeration control, grain with a high moisture content can be cooled quickly with low humidity air due to the evaporative cooling effect. The SBS Automated Fan Control System is designed to automatically select the best time to run aeration fans, only running when conditions will benefit the stored grain. Aeration controllers reduce the amount of time that the operator needs to physically monitor grain storage and turn fan on and off.

Once the desired moisture content is reached, one fan can be turned off to save electricity, while the other fan remains in operation to maintain the grain at a safe and correct moisture for resale.

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