Source of life for mining community

Water security solutions company, SBS® recently installed a potable water storage solution at the Blanket Gold Mine in Zimbabwe. The 1.8 million litre water storage tank installed in the rural mining area, 140kms south of Bulawayo, will serve not only the mine, but the community attached to the mine.

“The installation was done on a hill about 30 – 40 metres above the community near the mine,” said Henry Morkel, SBS: Global Solutions. “This allows for the water to gravity feed to the houses in the community, preventing the need for costly and electricity dependent pumps.”

The mine, which commenced operation in 1904, is operated by Caledonia Mining and part owned by Zimbabwean shareholders. The mine was acquired by Caledonia in 2006 and supports not only mine employees but the extended community around the mine. 

“We sent three South African installers and hired unskilled employees from the local community to assist with the site establishment, ring beam build and to install the water storage reservoir,” Morkel said. “This brought employment to the area, and also allowed a skills transfer process to the unskilled local labour team.”

While the tank will supply the mine with water, it is a lifeline to the local community who could previously only store small amounts of water. This lack of storage and consistent access to water created sanitation issues for the community which includes a school. These difficulties have now been resolved with an effective SBS® water solution with excellent water pressure as a bonus.

Does your business need a water storage solution that can support not only your business, but your local community too? Talk to us today and let us custom design a solution specifically suited to your needs.