4 Principles for Regulating Grain Moisture

Ensuring a great yield after your harvest

Your grain moisture content has a direct effect on the quality of your yield. Here are four ways to ensure you get your grain moisture content just right:

Your grain storage

Choosing the right grain storage equipment is essential. Without the right tools, you can’t do the right job, and you won’t get the right results. Managing your grain moisture content starts by selecting the correct, high-quality, and fit-for-purpose equipment that can be easily maintained and enables you to accurately monitor your grain moisture content. Maintaining the equilibrium within your grain silo will prevent shrinkage, curb the growth of mold, and keep insect infestations at bay. Your grain silo isn’t just another storage facility: aeration, floor design, and temperature control mechanisms, must be appropriate for the grain you’ll store in the silo. With up to 20% of all harvested grain in the world lost as a result of spoilage during storage, choosing the right equipment for your needs is a must.

Your grain drying process

Drying your grain out too much could result in shrinkage, but drying it too little will result in a spoilt harvest. To manage your grain moisture content, your grain must undergo a grain drying process. Of course, moving your grain in and out of its silo to dry out is just not feasible, owing to the bulk of your harvest, and the effects that a constantly changing environment will have on it. That’s why grain drying equipment that forms part of your grain silo is essential. As your grain is dried to its optimal temperature and texture, your grain moisture content can be managed and monitored, to ensure an excellent yield.

Your grain moisture content monitoring

Maintaining the right temperature within your grain silo is key, but regular monitoring of your grain moisture content must be a priority. Your grain moisture content monitoring processes, systems, and equipment, should:

  • Operate in accordance with your farm’s needs.
  • Enable you to not only monitor, but also effectively manage, your silo’s grain moisture content.
  • Adapt your measurements and optimal settings for the surrounding environment, and cater for specific changes in your requirements. Being able to calibrate your equipment in accordance with your farm’s requirements isn’t a benefit of your grain moisture content measuring system – it’s an essential.
  • Ensure you are able to deliver your yield to the market, and get the best return on your investment.

Your grain expertise

While you may have every technology available to you, to help ensure your greatest yield yet, you can’t ignore your inner wisdom and years of experience. If something seems to be a little strange in your grain, you are probably right. That’s why you need expert assistance when it comes to managing your grain moisture content, and keeping accurate records of each yield, harvest, and output will help. Don’t discount your own experience, and don’t forget to rely on the experts when you need help.

To find the right equipment for your farm, and regulate your grain moisture content, contact the SBS Agri team. Our expert consultants are on hand to help, and we’ll work together to find the right solution for your farm.  We’ll help you find the right solution for your farm’s needs.