5 Ways Grain Conditioning Helps Your Harvest

Grain conditioning tips for your maize yield

Grain conditioning is an integral process for your harvest cycle. Here’s why grain conditioning matters.

What is grain conditioning?

Grain conditioning is an important part of your harvest cycle, as it helps to ensure the integrity and quality of your yield. Moreover, grain conditioning can help to reduce crop losses, and ensure your farm retains its reputation as a high quality grain producer. Grain conditioning can take on various forms, but the primary processes include cleaning the grain, and then introducing moisture and/or heat.

Here are 5 ways grain conditioning helps your harvest:

Improving grain quality
Grain conditioning processes improves both the quality and volume of your harvest. Increasing the moisture content of your grain can improve its condition at a cellular level, while heat conditioning processes and cooling processes regulate the flow of moisture, further improving your grain structure.

Improving grain volume

Effective grain conditioning processes enable your harvest to grow in production volume, as fewer losses result from the harvest cycle. An increased grain volume and higher yield results in expanded income for your farm.

Improving grain hardness

For the South African marketplace, a harder grain is required for the production of maize meal. Softer grains make it more difficult to filter out impurities that may have found their way into your crop, but improving the durability of your grain crop through grain conditioning makes it easier. A hardier grain eliminates loss, and improves the longevity of your harvest.

Improving grain longevity

After your harvest, you have to store your grain until such time as it’s needed by your clients or for use in your production processes. Ensuring your grain is stored correctly, and does not devalue or deteriorate during storage is vital for the success of your farm. That’s why grain conditioning equipment, like grain cleaners and dryers are necessary equipment and only the best will do for your farm. Big tip: For high quality agricultural equipment solutions that work for your farm’s specific needs, give our SBS Agri team a call.

Improving grain health
An unfortunate side effect of incorrect grain storage, fungus produces toxic compounds that produce Mycotoxins and insect infestations are a nightmare for your harvest. Appropriate, effective grain conditioning processes can help to prevent the spread of insect infestations, and curb the growth of fungus during storage.

For help and advice on your farm’s grain conditioning processes, call SBS Agri.