A water storage tank for Bernard Isaacs Primary brings water to learners

“We are beyond thrilled with the SBS® drinking water storage tank donation,” said Danny Reddy, Principal: Bernard Primary School. “This company truly builds for the better, and we are incredibly grateful for their generosity. We were able to officially open the taps the day after the team completed the installation. This backup water solution has been such a help to our school as we can now ensure a hygienic environment, which is especially important now during COVID-19.”

No water for learners

Bernard Isaacs Primary School in Coronationville, Randburg had been left without water for an extended period due to a water pipe failure in the area. When the repair to the pipe was finally complete, daily water restrictions were imposed, giving the community access to water between 6:00 – 6:30 am only. With the water supply only operational outside of school operating hours, the school needed to bring in water for the ablution facilities for the learners.

Building for Better

“The head of our installation team, Martin Muller, saw an interview on the News showing the conditions that the school was operating under. He was touched and knew that he had to reach out and see if the company would be able to assist,” said Delayne Gray, CEO: SBS® Holdings. “He spoke with Director Heiner Freese, who was keen to assist and agreed that the installation team could install a backup water storage tank the next week.”

Drinking water storage solution

Members of the SBS® Durban and Gauteng installation teams installed at 12000-litre SBS® Tank at the school in just one day as a donation to the school. It was filled with water early the next morning when the municipal water was on, giving the school immediate access to a secure water supply for the flushing of toilets and drinking water for the learners.

Water connected the very next day

The tank was connected to the main municipal water feed and installed with a ball float system to ensure that it would fill during the times when the water supply is available and remain full throughout the day, providing learners with drinkable water and feeding water to the school facilities, even during hours when the water supply into the premises was cut-off.

Fast, modular and fit-for-purpose solution

There was no need to wait for concrete to cure after the installation of the SBS® water security solution before water became available as the SBS® tank is constructed from Zincalume® steel panels and contains a liner where the water is stored safely within the tank walls.