Automatic Fan Control (AFC) Unit

Temperature control is among the most important elements of grain silo management. This is because temperature variations, combined with moisture, can cause fermentation and deteriorate your grain investment.
If your grain silo has aeration fans, it is absolutely critical to have the right solution in place to measure the humidity in the atmosphere.
The team at SBS Agri has developed the Automatic Fan Control (AFC) Unit to help you ensure that your grain is maintained at the desired moisture percentage. The AFC Unit also assists in preventing hotspots and infestation.

Our system offers you the following key benefits:

  1. Moisture control
  2. Infestation control
  3. Maintenance of grain temperature
  4. Spoilage prevention
  5. Power saving of up to 50%
  6. Control of up to 4 fans per unit

The AFC Unit has the following key features:

  • Accuracy of 2% in moisture percentage control, via 2 electronic humidity control units – a lower level and a higher level
  • Controls for switching on and switching off aeration fans on the silo
  • Humidity sensors set according to a specific grain equilibrium chart

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