Cyclone water storage solutions

SBS® is no stranger to the Mozambican Port of Beira. We have worked alongside consulting engineers to upgrade the water storage capabilities for potable and processing water and for fire protection reservoirs in Beira.

The SBS® team installed two cyclone resistant fire reservoir tanks for a processing plant in Beira. Mozambique is on the east coast of Africa. The region averages about 1.5 tropical cyclones a year. While not often higher than Category 2 these cyclones can cause widespread damage.  However, SBS® water storage tanks have been designed to exacting specifications to withstand wind speeds of up to 240km/h making them ideal for the region. The tanks installed at the processing plant each have a capacity of 257kl. The water storage reservoirs installed now provide an effective water storage capability of 514 000 litres.  

Water storage reservoirs from the SBS® Cyclone Range are manufactured from Zincalume® steel panels to withstand tough corrosive conditions. This is essential for coastal applications. Water is stored within a potable water liner to prevent contact with the tank structure and further extend the longevity of the system. Contact us to find the right solution for you.