Effective Grain Loop Systems

SBS Agri shares 4 important factors to consider with your grain loop system: Top quality agricultural equipment is essential for your farm. Here’s how to choose the right grain loop system for your farm.

Your grain loop system functions

A grain loop system takes all the required functions for receiving, moving, unloading, and loading your grain harvest and combines it into one cost-effective system. An effective grain loop system should save you time, money, and effort. If you find your grain loop system is not enabling a more convenient process, it may be time to consider your agricultural equipment choices.

Your grain condition

An effective grain loop system doesn’t, however, merely perform these functions. As an essential part of your farming systems, your grain loop system should cater for the type of crop you are harvesting and ensure it is kept in top condition. Faulty or sub-standard agricultural equipment can have a negative effect on the condition of your grain, and ultimately lead to a degradation in the volume of your harvest. And, as you well know, any loss of quality or volume to your harvest has an uncomfortable effect on your profit margin.

Your energy consumption

Grain loop systems that work effectively save you labour, time, and power. As a cost-effective agricultural system, grain loop systems are designed to save you money and time, without affecting the quality or volume of your harvest. By combining many of the essential processes that go into an effective grain handling procedure, your grain loop system should enable you to save money in the long run.

Your long-term plans

Using and installing agricultural equipment that’s not only fit for purpose, but also customisable to your farm’s needs, is important. Your grain loop system should be manufactured to respond to your unique requirements, and be backed by an experienced team who design, develop, and install it. Moreover, high quality agricultural equipment pays for itself over the long term, as this capital investment saves you money in the future.

Choose the right kind of grain loop system for your farm. Contact the SBS Agri team for the best advice on your agricultural equipment.