Food Security In South Africa

How your farming practice helps

South Africa leads for sub-Saharan Africa in the Food Security Index. Here’s how your farming practice helps ensure food security in South Africa:

Global Food Security Index 2019

Out of 28 sub-Saharan African countries as listed on the 2019 Global Food Security Index, South Africa ranks first. Globally, in terms of ensuring food security, South Africa ranks 48 out of 113 surveyed countries. Ensuring food security for our country and continent is fundamentally important, but the process of ensuring it begins on your farm.

Against all odds

2019 was, if you read the headlines, a difficult economic year for South Africa. But, despite significant economic challenges – least of which include loadshedding – the South African agricultural community has succeeded, once again. As an active, and highly effective, contributor towards ensuring food security in South Africa, it’s farmers like you who make a real impact, through your agricultural practice.

Food security and your farming practice

Ensuring food security in South Africa is not just a governmental imperative. Instead, it’s the little acts of conserving energy, protecting your harvest, and ensuring crop integrity, that help to ensure maximum yield and excellent crop quality for South Africans. It’s by your own hand that South Africa can be assured that there’s enough to eat for everyone.

Crop quality and food security

By ensuring your harvest crop quality is top-notch, you’re ensuring food security for South Africa. Ensuring your harvest crop quality relies upon the following principles:

  • Adhering to the correct planting, irrigation, and harvesting timetables for your crops.
  • Ensuring your crops are harvested in a way that ensures crop integrity and preserves its quality.
  • Your farm’s grain conditioning and grain handling processes and equipment.
  • Your farm’s grain storage systems and equipment.

By partnering with SBS Agri, we can help you ensure your harvest crop quality stays top notch. Call our expert SBS Agri team for more information on how we can help you ensure food security in South Africa.