Forward Planning For Harvest Pays Dividends


Commercial farmers are often required to predict yields for future contracts or to give supply guarantees. The need to manage as many risks as possible, to improve the probability of taking a successful harvest to market, is key to financial viability. Partnering with commercial farmers to manage risks and improve outcomes, SBS® Agri offers: 

·        Planning for the future: Effective and timely planning of the storage and conditioning system and silo complex has a huge impact on the effectiveness of storage capacity, enabling farmers to safely store, manage and sell crops at the best possible prices based on market demand. SBS® Agri assists with planning sites that allow for future expansion, even if current cash flow does not allow for full implementation.

·        Stakeholder management: SBS® Agri taps into 22 years’ experience in the water storage industry, and 15 years in low cost housing projects, to provide solutions from the initial geotechnical survey to the final site handover and sign-off.

·      Trustworthy and effective product solutions: SBS® Agri partners with the best international suppliers to provide an extensive range of grain storage and handling equipment, ensuring product integrity and excellence.  

Need peace of mind on your grain harvest and storage solution? Let our expert team assist with your grain storage needs from grain storage bins, grain elevators and conveyors, grain cleaners and bin dryers.

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