Maintaining the equilibrium within your grain silo

Effective grain storage solutions help make your farm more profitable.

Your grain harvest isn’t just another product. It’s the lifeblood of your farm operations, that supports and sustains your farm’s productivity and profitability. A spoilt harvest can mean distressing times, and effective, well-maintained, and easily monitored, grain storage solutions are essential.

Moisture is not the enemy
Moisture levels within your grain silo or storage facility must be carefully monitored and maintained. Moreover, monitoring moisture levels throughout your grain production, handling, and storage processes, must remain a priority throughout. Adhering to the correct moisture, pressure, and temperature, conditions that are best for your crop and surrounding environment is key. Moisture is not the enemy – all grain needs a specific level of moisture to remain at an optimal condition.

Managing your harvest
Once your grain has made its way off the field and into storage, keeping the temperature, pressure, and moisture levels just perfect for the crop is vital. That’s when grain handling and storage solutions are most important, as these systems must support your farm’s ability to maintain high productivity levels and prevent grain spoilage. Ensuring that your grain storage systems are effective and suitable is just the first step. The equilibrium chart for your specific crop can assist too.

Equilibrium chart
The Equilibrium Chart for your specific crop outlines the most suitable moisture levels for your harvest, enabling you to cater for external environmental conditions too. Notably, however, you should also accommodate and plan for the full duration of your grain storage season, which may affect your grain storage systems. The Equilibrium Moisture Content (EMC) level outlines the exact point where your grain is neither losing, nor absorbing, moisture. For example, according to the North Dakota State University, there are differentiating safe moisture content levels allowed, varying across crops, environmental circumstances, and storage duration. See the table below for more insight into optimal moisture content levels for grain in long and short-term storage situations:

Effective and closely monitored aeration systems are a vital component of your grain storage system and adjusting these to ensure that the perfect Equilibrium Moisture Content (EMC) is maintained should be a priority. Selecting the right type of aeration system will help you to maintain moisture, temperature, oxygen levels, and ensure that harmful bacteria and fungi are kept at bay. Aeration moves air through stored grain, thereby helping to prevent grain spoilage and keeping the environmental conditions within your grain silo at optimal levels. Helping to maintain a cool temperature throughout the silo, aeration reduces the development of mould and prevents ‘hot spots’ from being created. Keeping that internal temperature uniform throughout your grain silo, while adjusting in accordance with changes within the external environment, will help to ensure that your stored grain does not spoil.

Grain spoilage
At a global level, an astonishing 20% of all harvested grain is lost due to the proliferation of fungi and insects within its storage systems. Protecting your farm from being part of that statistic is key, not only for your agricultural success, but also for your future productivity. Preventing grain losses due to spoilage will improve your grain quality and enable your farm to grow in terms of profitability and productivity.

Farming for your future
The better you’re able to manage and maintain your grain harvest, the more your farm will be able to produce and continue growing. Being able to offer your customers a high-quality grain will, in turn, make your farm’s produce more attractive to new clientele, and ensuring your financial stability in the future.

Ask an expert
Creating and maintaining a grain storage system that works for your unique needs, and can be easily maintained, is very important. Partner with the people who put your farm’s interests at the heart of every decision. Get in touch with SBS Agri, and we’ll help you find the right solution that ensures every harvest is a great harvest.

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