Slide Gate Monitoring System

You already know that farming can be a risky business – both financially and physically. Silo failures, when they occur, are sudden and their collapse can damage surrounding structures, contaminate thousands of tons of the silo’s grain, harm the environment, or even cause injury or death.

This is why you must protect the investment that is your silo complex.

The team at SBS Agri has developed a Slide Gate Monitoring System that visually warns operators of the improper use of intermediate sumps – by indicating which slide gate is open – and significantly reduces the possibility of off-centre unloading. (This can occur when intermediate sumps are opened before grain has stopped flowing through the centre gate.)

Our cost-effective system:

  • greatly decreases the risk of uneven discharge,
  • prevents bin failure,
  • ensures safe grain unloading, and
  • increases the lifespan of your silo

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P.S. Here are 6 value-adding tips for silo discharge gate operation:

  1. Silos must be gravity-discharged through the centre gate first, until no more grain will flow to the centre gate.
  2. Only then should the gate adjacent to the centre gate be opened, working from the centre outwards.
  3. If there are gates on both sides of the centre gate, work outwards from the centre of the silo on both sides until reaching the outer gates.
  4. Always lock intermediate gates to avoid accidental premature use.
  5. Always make sure that gates are fully closed before operating any type of unloading equipment.
  6. Any type of leakage through intermediate gates could result in eccentric discharge of grain from a silo, causing severe deflections, distortions, and structural failure of wall sheets and stiffeners.

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