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Find the right bucket elevator for your farm.

Selection and service

Finding the right agricultural equipment for your farm should be simple. The sheer range of options, however, can be confusing to pick from. Moreover, your farm has unique needs, and customised solutions are often far more costly than one-size-fits-all designs, but those may not serve your needs entirely. That’s why the SBS Agri team takes the best of both worlds, offering you cost-effective, customisable solutions that your farm can afford. When choosing the right bucket elevator for your farm, we recommend selecting in accordance with 3 important principles:

Built for purpose

A bucket elevator serves an important purpose on your farm, because the process of grain handling deeply affects the condition and value of your harvest. How your agricultural equipment handles your grain harvest can have a compound effect, either improving the value of your harvest or devalue it through grain loss. Choosing the right bucket elevator often comes down to ensuring that it’s built for purpose. That’s why the SBS Agri team supplies three different types of customisable bucket elevators:

  • Gentle seed elevators: Designed for handling delicate crops and small seeds, the SBS Agri gentle seed elevators use slower speeds, to prevent grain loss.
  • Standard bucket elevators: Perfect for handling larger crops, the SBS Agri standard bucket elevators can handle up to 10,000 bushels per hour, depending on which model and customised add-ons you select.
  • Commercial bucket elevators: Equipped to handle up to 40,000 bushels per hour, the SBS Agri commercial bucket elevators are made for large-scale farms.

The right design

To the untrained eye, bucket elevators may seem one and the same, but an important differentiation exists between superior and poor-performing bucket elevators: their design. The SBS Agri range of bucket elevators are CAD-designed and CNC produced, so you can be assured of absolute precision, and excellent performance.

Customisable solutions

Adding to your bucket elevator system is often required, when new agricultural demands arise, or you need to expand your monitoring mechanisms. Moreover, a standard bucket elevator may not fit all your needs upfront, making customisation a necessity before your first installation. The SBS Agri range of bucket elevators are customisable, and can be adjusted, or added to, using a unique range of accessories, to ensure your farm’s every need is met.

Let the SBS Agri team design the right bucket elevator solution for your farm. Get in touch with our experts and request a quote.