Your Farm Needs a Customised Grain System – Here’s Why

Your farm’s unique needs must be met by your agricultural equipment

A one-size-fits-all approach won’t solve your problems. Your farm needs a customised grain system. Here’s why:

Unique problems

No two farms are the same, and it stands to reason that no two farming systems should be either. Your farm needs a customised grain system, so that you can reap the benefits of a good quality harvest, with minimal crop loss. When choosing your supplier and manufacturer for your customised grain system, we recommend asking the following questions:

  • Does this solution truly solve my farm’s problems?
  • How does this solution on offer help to improve productivity on my farm?
  • What level of guarantee is offered on this customised grain system?
  • Can this supplier show me examples of their previous work and installations?
  • Has this supplier truly listened to my needs, visited my farm, and stuck to the budget I’ve given them?
  • What after-sales service do they provide, and will I deal with just one central point of contact, or spend ages trying to find the right person to speak to?

Unique environment

A truly customised grain system is designed, manufactured, and installed to withstand the demands of your farm’s unique environment. Taking into consideration not only your harvest yield, farm size, and required output, your customised grain system supplier must also accommodate for your farm’s natural environment, climatic conditions, and the size of your on-site team.

Unique solutions

Designing a customised grain system is not as simple as ticking off a list of possible options on a checklist. Instead, a customised grain system from SBS Agri considers every variable that may come into play for your farm, and helps you to plan ahead, to improve productivity and increase your yield. Similarly, your customised grain system should support your on-the-ground efforts to prevent infestation, protect your harvest from crop loss, and ensure you’re equipped to deliver the best possible crop to your clients. Using a modular grain system design process, the SBS Agri team design and deliver customised grain systems that help you get the best out of your harvest.

Unique service

A fully customised grain system, however, must also be backed by an experienced team. Working closely with you design and develop your customised grain system, the SBS Agri team boasts more than 40 years’ experience in designing, developing, and supplying top-quality customised agricultural equipment.

For a customised grain system that helps your farm increase productivity and enhance the quality of your harvest, contact the SBS Agri team today.