Your Guide to A Good Harvest

SBS Agri shares their top 5 tips for ensuring a good maize harvest

By now, your seed should be in the ground. Here’s how to ensure a good harvest in 2020:

Tip 1: Be on time
It’s not just tradition; it’s a rule: by 16 December of every year, in South Africa, your maize seed should be in the ground to ensure a good harvest ahead. Although climate change and unexpected weather conditions may wreak havoc with our planting schedules, sticking to that rule is recommended, because it enables seed to germinate during the long, hot months of the cycle. But it’s not just the way, and when, you plant that can affect the quality and volume of your harvest.

Tip 2: Be watchful
Monitoring your crops is an essential part of your agricultural journey. Soil monitoring systems, and your irrigation systems, must remain in top-notch working order, to ensure a good maize harvest. Real-time monitoring systems make it easier to respond to any issues or concerns on the turn, so think about investing in these as soon as you can.

Tip 3: Be decisive
Of course, once your crops are ready to harvest, everything that happens next can have a huge effect on the volume and condition of your yield. This is where the quality, complexity, and operational state of your agricultural equipment truly needs to be excellent. Grain handling systems and grain handling equipment must be effective and well-maintained, in order to ensure a good quality harvest. Choosing the best equipment for your farm is an important decision making process. Don’t settle for less than the best.

Tip 4: Be careful
Grain conditioning processes help you to improve the volume and quality of your harvest, and ensure that your crop is well cared for after you have harvested. Top quality bin dryers and grain cleaners are essential components for helping you generate a great harvest.

Tip 5: Be ready
Your grain storage equipment plays a big role in ensuring a good maize harvest. It’s during this time that your harvest needs to be protected from pest infestations, mould, and other factors that could negatively affect its quality and volume. The best grain storage solutions help you to maintain that all-important equilibrium within silos and other storage facilities, ensuring your harvest is profitable for your farm.

For more tips and advice on how to ensure a good harvest, contact our SBS Agri team. We’ve got everything you need to help you ensure a good maize harvest.