Your Seed Quality & Why It Matters

High quality seed and high quality equipment enable the perfect harvest

Every element of your agricultural process affects the final outcome: your harvest. Here’s how seed quality plays an important role:

Seed quality
Selecting the right seed and ensuring the right soil conditions for your harvest is important. As a farmer, you understand that the success story of your harvest begins long before you plant. Make sure to:

  • Thoroughly research your seed variants, to ensure they will create a good harvest.
  • Inspect and monitor your soil conditions, to ensure your soil provides a good quality environment for your crop to flourish.
  • Your selected seeds are disease-free.
  • Your seed supplier is fully accredited and well-reputed. The cheapest supplier may not be the best, after all.

Ensuring harvest quality

The temperature at planting, along with the moisture content of your soil, will affect your seed quality, and its germination process. Moreover, as your crops grow, consistent monitoring of your harvest and the soil is imperative.

At harvest stage

What happens next, however, can have a make-or-break effect on your seed quality, harvest cycle, and farm profitability. That’s why choosing the right agricultural equipment, to manage and monitor your grain conditioning and grain storage needs, is so vital.

The right agricultural equipment

A one-size-fits-all solution will not work for most crops and agricultural scenarios. Owing to differences in environmental conditions, moisture levels, and more, the processes of grain storage and grain conditioning must be closely monitored. This helps to ensure seed quality and harvest success.

Adaptable agricultural equipment

Customised agricultural equipment that caters for the quality of your seed from before its planted, and accommodates for specific environmental conditions, while allowing for sufficient ventilation, moisture level monitoring, and aeration, must be a priority for every farmer.

SBS Agri

That’s why the SBS Agri team is devoted to ensuring excellence, by supplying world-class agricultural equipment that responds to the unique needs of your farm, right down to every seed. To ensure seed quality and be assured of an excellent harvest, call our expert consultants at SBS Agri.