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3.3 Megalitre Zincalume Water Storage Tank Nominated for SAISC Steel Awards 2013

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SBS Tanks™ is proud to announce that our flagship Zincalume water storage tank, the 3.3 Megalitre has been nominated for the prestigious Southern African Institute of Steel Construction (SAISC) Steel Awards 2013.

The Flagship 3.3Ml Zincalume Water Storage Tank
The Flagship 3.3Ml Zincalume Water Storage Tank

Why Our 3.3 Megalitre Liquid Storage Tank Was Nominated

The SAISC recently called for nominations for their prestigious Steel Awards 2013, the 32nd celebration of excellence in the use of structural steel by South African steelwork contractors.  Jim Martin, from Martin and Associates Consulting Engineers, answered the general call for nominations whereby anyone can enter/nominate a project and the project will be accepted as an entry provided it satisfies the criteria of Steel Awards.  Jim explains that he nominated the 3.3 Megalitre Zincalume water storage tank manufactured, supplied and installed by SBS Tanks™ because “It is something out of the ordinary from normal steel structures and presented a whole new perspective to design for all the varying conditions.  Although we are not the first to ever manufacture sheet steel tanks, we pushed the boundaries a bit.”

Building the 3.3Ml Water Storage Tank - Roof Trusses in Place
Building the 3.3Ml Water Storage Tank – Roof Trusses in Place

Martin and Associates Consulting Engineers and SBS Tanks™ worked together on this project developing a range of water storage tanks that have been engineered to withstand the harsh South African climate.  Martin states “Our main interest was to refine certain design of elements to maximise efficiency of production.  It is a great challenge to comply with the design criteria for varying site conditions, different countries/regions, production requirements and transportation (containerisation).  It was exciting to work on something new and different to the everyday building structures.”

How Large is a 3.3 Megalitre Zincalume Water Storage Tank?

The tank has a diameter of 21.16 meters and measures 9.39 meters high.  The wall panels and roof sheets are made of steel that is hot dipped and coated with a molten alloy of 55% aluminum, 43.5% zinc and 1.5% silicon, commonly referred to by its trade name Zincalume®, thus rendering SBS Tanks™ highly resistant to corrosion.

Building The 3.3Ml Water Storage Tank - The Roof Going On
Building The 3.3Ml Water Storage Tank – The Roof Going On

About the South African Institute of Steel Construction (SAISC) Steel Awards

Reneé Pretorius SAISC Communications Consultant & Editor explains the process and details of being nominated and wining an award. “The judges decide on the categories each year as we receive a different ‘mix’ of entries each year, however we will always have a Light Steel Frame Building and a Tubular Structures category.  To win a category award means that your project has satisfied the judges in terms of ‘showing excellence in the use of steel’ in a specific category. The judges use a long list of criteria and the project must excel in all of these (that are relevant to the category). A project will never win an award if there is a trace of poor workmanship even if the project fairs well in the other criteria. For members of the team, they not only receive a certificate but a tremendous amount of media exposure and prestige among their peers.”

SBS Tanks™ Managing Director “Honoured to be nominated” for Steel Awards

Delayne Gray, SBS Tanks™ Managing Director feels honoured the SBS Tank™ has been nominated for this award.  “Although this is our first nomination for these awards, we hope it is not our last.  We aspire to add value and provide products of quality and excellence into our industry.  We are extremely proud of our product and know it is worthy of this nomination and look forward to attend the award ceremony in celebration of this.”

You can learn more about the SAISC Steel Awards by visiting www.saisc.co.za

We’ll have more on this story as things progress.