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Fixed Fire Protection: Fire Safety Rules and Tips for Your Offices

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Fire safety is everyone’s responsibility, even when your office has a fully trained fire marshal as part of the team. Here are our top 4 rules for fire safety at the office:

A Fire Safety Plan: No matter how strong your fire prevention strategies and tools, a fire safety plan is essential. Hold regular fire safety drills to ensure that everyone knows what to do in case of emergency. Every member of your team must know how to access the nearest exit and get to the emergency assembly point.

Services and Checks: Your fire extinguishers should be checked, at least, once a month and serviced and certified by your fire protection company once a year.  But don’t let the responsibility for fire safety rest entirely upon your service providers’ shoulders. Conduct your own regular checks, and ensure that office storage areas are well-organised, and that there are no obstructions to fire exits. Integrate fire safety checks and drills into your annual planning calendar, so you won’t forget.

fire safety equipmentOrganise your Office: Did you know? Open-plan office spaces make it far easier for fire and smoke to travel very quickly. There are, however, key ways to ensure that each office space is fire aware, no matter the layout. This includes:

  • Ensuring that nobody breaks the No Smoking law, even on special occasions, or after hours.
  • Clearing rubbish bins at least once a day so that trash does not accumulate.
  • Storing potentially hazardous materials correctly and ensuring that access to them remains strictly monitored.
  • Unplugging all necessary appliances before you leave the office for the day. Sure, winter may leave us all a little chilly right now, so a heater may be helpful. But, don’t forget to switch it off and unplug it before you go home each day.
  • Regularly checking all wiring on appliances and equipment. Faulty wiring and overloaded plug sockets are often to blame for fires.

The Right Equipment: For a small office building that’s not involved in industrial or manufacturing processes, fire extinguishers and in-building fire protection systems may be enough. But for larger buildings, bigger manufacturing plants, industrial companies, mining companies, and more, fixed fire protection installations are required. Make sure your company makes fire safety a priority – SBS Tanks can help! Call us on 0860 482 657 and we’ll help you make the right fire safety decisions.