A clean flush for Mthatha sewer line

The rapid expansion of Mthatha and the surrounding peri-urban settlements necessitated water and sewer infrastructure upgrades. To accommodate anticipated future expansion a sewer line of 1.2m diameter was constructed from the edge of the existing formal settlement, draining to the east where the wastewater treatment plant is situated. Over-designed for the current number of users, the small volume of effluent presently discharged into the line prevents the required flow through the line.

A 300kl, 6-ring SBS® ST12-06 flush tank was supplied and installed by SBS® to provide enough head pressure and sufficient capacity to flush the line daily, ensuring that the effluent reaches the wastewater treatment works. A small 100NB inlet into the tank allows slow filling during the day and once full, the 700mm floor-mounted outlet valve opens, rapidly draining the water from the tank into the sewer line and flushing the line. The outlet, with an anti-vortex inhibitor, was installed by the client and required hoisting equipment and anchoring with concrete.

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