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Your Factory’s Water Conservation Strategy: Installing a Water Tank

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A water conservation strategy is essential for every South African business. With recent drought conditions wreaking havoc on industry and economy alike, a water conservation strategy for your factory is important. Part of that strategy may include installing a water tank. But, how do you know which one is right for you, and just how far can your budget stretch? Let’s consider the all-important factors that help you decide which water tank is right for you:

Your future
Investing in your company’s water conservation strategy means you’ll need to spend money now, to save water for the future. That’s why it’s important to choose a water tank that is long-lasting and backed by a quality guarantee. Most importantly, it must be easy to maintain, or include access to on-site maintenance help.

Your purpose
Water tanks aren’t only suited for saving water, but not every water tank is multi-purpose. Knowing what you’ll be using your tank for, now and in the future, is vital to consider, as this could influence the type, design, installation, and associated costs of installing a water tank.

sbs tanks has a water conservation strategy for factoriesYour space
Selecting a one-size-fits-all solution for your water conservation strategy may mean you end up with a this-size-doesn’t-fit-our-space problem. Working with qualified, experienced water tank providers will help you find the best solution, that caters for your space limitations and creates an effective, aesthetically-pleasing design. Space limitations shouldn’t deter you from implementing a water conservation strategy at your factory – a good water tank design and installation team will be able to build and install a tank that works for your space.

Your budget
Naturally, your budget will play a big role in defining just how far you can go in implementing a water conservation strategy. Work with your water tank design and installation team to find a solution that falls within your budgetary constraints.

Your choice
Once you know your needs and abilities, your next move is to make the best choice. Of course, our team is on hand to help. Drop us a line at SBS Tanks or call our sales team, and we’ll help you implement a water conservation strategy that works for your business.