How Your B&B Can Save Water

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The responsible way with water

As a responsible B&B owner, you know that saving water is beneficial not only for your bills, but for your guests and the environment too. Of course, we always recommend installing a water conservation tank as a priority, but there are further ways your B&B can save water.

Work with your guests

Your guests choose your B&B because you maintain exceptional levels of personal service, and work to cater for everyone’s needs. Being able to cater for individual preferences, of course requires some cost-saving measures. Your guests know that, and that’s why they’re happy to work with you to help keep your utility bills down, while they enjoy their stay. If you’re thinking of implementing water-saving techniques for your B&B, we’d recommend asking your guests to work with you. Here’s how:

  • In your rooms: Install signage in each of your suites, informing guests of your approach to water conservation.
  • Work with your guests: Ask your guests to adhere to some guidelines that will actively reduce your laundry load, and therefore help you save water. For example, you can request that guests hang their towels up to dry after showering or bathing, and only leave towels on the floor when they really do need a wash.
  • Tell your guests about what you’re doing: Let your guests know about the ways your B&B is consciously saving water. Tell your guests about your water-saving initiatives throughout your establishment.
  • Advertise your water-saving approach: The demand for eco-friendly establishments is growing, as tourists and environmentally conscious travelers seek out service providers that care.

Upgrade your facilities

Installing water-saving facilities in your B&B pays dividends, not only on your bills. Water-saving bathroom amenities, including low flow taps and showerheads, will help to reduce the amount of water used throughout your B&B. Moreover, changing up your laundry routines, and adopting a more conservative approach to water usage in your kitchen and other facilities will help too. Big Tip: selecting the right type of water-saving facilities and equipment, including a water conservation tank, should be done in collaboration with a professional, with installation managed by a registered service provider.

Improve your supply chain

That leads us nicely onto our next point: your supply chain. You could implement world-class water-saving techniques and facilities, but the circle of saving would not be complete without your supply chain taking part too. Working with environmentally conscious suppliers who prioritise water conservation actively reduces water consumption levels far beyond your establishment too. Ask your suppliers to provide you with information on their water conservation approach. By working together, across industries and sectors, we can all do more to save water.

Install a water conservation tank

A rainwater harvesting system, and a water conservation tank, could supplement your B&B’s water supply in multiple ways, but it’s also a great way to save water. By installing a rainwater harvesting system, your B&B’s taps won’t ever run dry, even when the municipal water supply has been cut off for some reason. You’ll be harnessing “free” water from nature, for your guests and establishment to use when it’s most needed.

Get in touch with our team at SBS Tanks and we’ll help you find the right water conservation tank for your B&B.