Saving Water At The Office

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Saving water during summer

The hot season is here! Here’s how your office should save water this summer.

Saving water during the holiday season

Saving even more water during the summer might seem difficult, but it’s definitely doable at the office. At home, you’re making a conscientious effort to save water in significant ways, but at the office, you may not have applied the same thinking just yet. It’s never too late to start to save water, and it’s never too early to begin. Here’s how your office can save water this summer:

Shutdown period and out of office

You may think that an office that’s shut for the summer holidays won’t use any water at all, but you’d be wrong. It’s important to have a thorough office shutdown policy, that will help your premises stay safe and secure during the shutdown period, when (mostly) everyone is out of the office. Here’s what we recommend:

  • Air-conditioners: Making sure your air-conditioners or air-conditioning system is properly shut down may seem like it’ll only help you save on your utility bills, but that’s incorrect. Some floor-standing, portable air-conditioners use water or ice as a cooling system, so make sure those are empty before you shutdown for the season. Some larger air-conditioning systems may also use water or ice as part of their cooling systems too. Make sure these are shutdown correctly, and are emptied, before you switch off the lights for the year. Moreover, if a staff member is popping in to the office during the holiday season, make sure they know how to operate, shutdown, and secure all air-conditioning systems.
  • Leaks: It seems that water leaks love empty offices, and a surprise phone call while you’re on holiday could leave you scrambling to the office to find a contractor who can help. Before you close up shop for the holidays, conduct a thorough inspection of your premises, to see if you can spot any potential areas of concern for leaks or similar mishaps. At the same time, check every tap before you leave, to make sure there are no dripping faucets or any water left running.
  • Geysers: As a rule, we should be saving electricity and switching off geysers when not required. But this approach is sometimes forgotten in office buildings. Install a geyser timer if you need, and that’ll help you ensure your geyser is only heating up, and filling up, when required. Over the holiday season, of course, you can shut it down entirely, but check with your supplier and installer first, to get their advice on the best way to approach this.
  • Factories: Factories and manufacturing sites use water for a multitude of reasons, and water often serves a fundamental role in enabling your company to carry out its production processes. Before you leave for the year, make sure all water-related systems and systems that use water, are properly shut down.

Your water saving technologies

If your office has a water storage tank, or a rainwater harvesting system, make sure it’s operating effectively and won’t overflow or encounter any issues over the holiday season. These incidents do, however, happen, so make sure your live or real-time monitoring systems are working correctly, as these can alert you to any problems, even when you’re away from the office.

For more advice on ways your office can save water, visit our News section, or contact a member of the SBS Tanks team. We’re always happy to help when a company wants to take water conservation seriously. Enjoy your holidays!