The Quality Standards Behind Your Water Tank Matter

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Quality, service, and experience: everything counts at SBS Tanks: When selecting the right commercial water tank for your needs, remember three things: quality, service, and experience.

Why quality matters

Choosing the right water tank is a journey that begins long before installation. It’s not just the water tank itself that matters; it’s what it’s backed by too. Ensuring your water tank can measure up to stringent safety standards is vitally important, especially when you consider its purpose. Moreover, it’s fiscally responsible action: by spending the money you need to, and ensuring your water tank adheres to the strictest quality standards, you’ll be assured that your business or home can enjoy an uninterrupted water supply, even when your city’s infrastructure is unable to deliver this precious resource.

High quality standards

A high quality water tank is easily distinguished from its competitors with a simple check on its manufacturers’ accreditation. SBS water tanks are backed by ISO9001 and ISO18001 certifications. As a measure of excellence and quality, SBS water tanks are manufactured in accordance with these certifications. These certifications mean you can rest assured that your water tank was designed, manufactured, and delivered in accordance with strict quality and regulatory requirements.

Deeply experienced teams

If the customisable designs and high quality manufacturing standards aren’t enough to impress you just yet, the experienced team behind the SBS range of water tanks will. With more than 20 years’ experience in the provision of water storage solutions, the SBS Tanks team is continually growing and improving its capabilities to ensure you get the very best product and service available.

Superb service

A team of more than 150 people, located across South Africa, Africa, and the world, make up the SBS Tanks team. With SBS Tanks, there’s no such thing as a standard installation. Instead, you’ll enjoy one-on-one attention that’s devoted to solving your unique water storage needs, from the very first time you contact our team. From brief, design, to installation, and beyond, the SBS Tanks team is by your side, to ensure your water tank delivers everything you need it to. Moreover, after installation, we help you to ensure your water tank is well-maintained and remains in tip-top condition.

For high quality water tanks that exceed your standards and expectations, backed by superb service and incomparable experience, chat to the SBS Tanks team.