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Why Your Water Quality Matters

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Be assured of your water quality with SBS Tanks

Ensuring water security at your business, school, or within your community isn’t just a matter of storage and distribution: it’s a matter of water quality too. SBS Tanks help you maintain and ensure excellent water quality.

Water quality

The process of ensuring excellent water quality begins by understanding the importance of ensuring it. The term ‘water quality’ refers to the chemical, physical, and biological qualities of the water you’re looking to conserve or use. Ensuring excellent water quality is fundamentally important, as dirty water, or contaminated water, can cause illnesses amongst humans and animals, contaminate the ground, or lead to further health implications for both the planet and its inhabitants.

Water quality monitoring

Regular water quality monitoring is essential and, most often, water quality is monitored by municipalities, accredited professional water associations, or private water suppliers. Water quality monitoring can be conducted at source, or throughout the distribution systems that support towns, municipalities, and communities. But, when it comes to your water storage tank, you may wonder how to be sure of your stored water quality.

SBS Tanks

Wondering about your water quality is not a task you need to concern yourself with, when installing an SBS Tank. Manufactured in accordance with the strictest quality standards, SBS Tanks is ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 18001:2007 accredited. Moreover, SBS Tanks are custom-designed and manufactured, meaning that each water storage tank is designed to meet the unique needs and requirements of each client or water storage site.

SBS Tanks liners

From design to installation, and through their lifetime, SBS Tanks are built with ensuring water quality in mind. Each SBS Tank is installed using a customised, purpose-built liner, that is installed inside each tank. These liners actively prevent water contamination and leakages, ensuring that water quality remains excellent within the water storage tank.

Ensuring water quality

As each SBS Tank is constructed using Zincalume panels, they are not as subject to perishing or degradation, when compared with plastic water tanks. The customised combination of Zincalume panel design, purpose-built liners, and excellent design, make every SBS Tank a great example for ensuring water quality.

If you’re looking for a water storage solution that ensures excellent water quality, contact our SBS Tanks team, and we’ll help you choose the right solution for your water storage needs.