Saving Water at the Office - Water Running out of Faucet Outdoors

Zincalume water storage tanks: Start saving water right now

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While severe drought conditions persist in certain parts of South Africa, other regions across the country have been grateful to receive some significant rainfall. Nonetheless, whether enough rain falls or not, saving water should be an imperative for every home and office across the globe.

If you’re looking for ways to start saving water at the office, we can help. Our top five tips for saving water at the office are:

Make some rules (and stick to them)
Coffee cups and lunch plates are a hallmark of every office worker’s life. While each of us should be responsible for washing our own dishes each day, this can lead to water being wasted. Rather, set up a roster for washing dishes, with each team member taking a turn to scrub, soak, and clean. Stacking your dishes and cleaning a sinkful at a time, will use less water than if each dish is washed individually. Yes, your CEO gets a shift too.

water conservationStop the drip
A dripping tap isn’t just irritating – it’s expensive and irresponsible too. According to Rand Water’s Water Wise, a tap that’s left to drip, at a rate of one drop per second, can waste almost 12 000 litres in a year! Make sure your officemates are closing taps properly and, if that annoying dripping noise starts anywhere, call in a plumber and get the tap’s washer and gasket replaced.

Look at your loo
If your staff toilets are old, they’re probably consuming a lot more water than they need to. See if you can switch to a dual-flush system or low-flow toilets, which will help your company save water in the long run. You can also go old-school and put a plastic bottle, filled with water into the cistern. This decreases the amount of water needed to fill the cistern, every time.

Eliminate unnecessary cleaning
Cleaning the outdoor areas of your office can be done, mostly, without using water. Rather than hosing down outside areas, use a broom to sweep away leaves and other debris. If your office floors are mopped twice a week, consider changing the schedule to just once a week. Wherever your office uses water for cleaning, look for alternative ways you can keep things neat, without turning on a tap.

Rainwater harvesting and storage tanks
For larger buildings and bigger premises, a rainwater harvesting system may be just the ticket for helping your company not only save water, but save money too. At SBS Tanks, our customised rainwater harvesting system has helped our team, and our central head office relies almost entirely upon this water source. Our fully customisable Zincalume water storage tanks are manufactured to cater for your company’s needs and in accordance with strict specifications.