Giving the gift of water in honour of Madiba

SBS®, in partnership with SALGA Limpopo, donated a fully fitted, 38 000 litre water tank to the Matoane Village Community, as part of the Mandela Day 2020 celebrations. The community, known as Boknafarm Village, is serviced by two boreholes, one of which was dry and the other unable to supply sufficient water to all community members.

Team members involved in the manufacture and installation of the tank donated their 67 minutes towards actioning this project. The installation team, comprising several sales team members, set out for Limpopo in late July 2020, in the middle of the Covid-19 pandemic. Within 3 days the installation was complete, and the tank handed over to the Blouberg Municipality, on behalf of the Matoane Village, Ga-Malebogo.

SALGA (South African Local Government Association) has partnered with SBS® for many years, assisting the company to connect and cooperate with various District Municipalities, both for current and future water tank installation opportunities.

The SBS® philosophy of ‘Doing good whilst doing good business’ leads to partnerships, such as the one with SALGA, that assist to mitigate water and food security risks. At the company’s core is the belief that positive change throughout the value chain, and within associated communities, leads to the building of a world-class, successful operation.

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