Harvesting rainwater reduces environmental and economic impact.

Don’t let the cost or lack of municipal water supply cripple the production or profitability of your business operations.

CHEP, suppliers of high-quality pallets and containers, contacted SBS® to design a system to harvest and store rainwater at their Cornubia, KZN site. Requiring uninterrupted water supply to high pressure wash incoming containers and pallets for quick turnaround, the company was driven by the desire to reduce their environmental impact and save on water costs.

SBS® devised a compact system to accommodate the limited space available leaving CHEP able to keep operations running for two and a half weeks, even if municipal supply is disrupted.

The system incorporated:

  • A concrete sump to collect all surface and rainwater run-off from the premises,
  • A 500kl water tank to store the harvested water and act as a back-up to municipal supply and,
  • A filtration system and booster pumps.

SBS® provides more than a storage tank, we offer custom-designed solutions.  Click here to request more information or a quote.