Innovative solutions for effluent water

Expansion of packaging and manufacturing operations onto a new site in Boksburg necessitated the installation of effluent water tanks at the Enstra Paper plant, part of the Corruseal Group. The Group, a pioneer manufacturer of packaging in South Africa for over 40 years, required tanks to house the untreated wastewater following the washing of printed ink logos and company details off recycled paper and cardboard, to be used as raw materials in the production of new product.

SBS® team worked with the Corruseal Group engineers to design the most effective effluent water storage system for the site. This involved the installation of agitators to prevent effluent build up at the bottom of the tank, baffles to break the vortex caused by the agitators and some innovative design adjustments. The two SBS® Tanks®, with a total capacity of 60kl hold the effluent water containing the ink, before this water is processed for dumping. The agitators needed to be submerged from the top of the tanks and to accommodate this requirement, penetrations had to be made in the roof and a double truss structure designed.

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