Water security for continued business operations

SBS® is situated in the same industrial park as the KZN Distribution Centre for a high quality, national food, and clothing chain. The distribution centre is responsible for the delivery of dry and frozen food goods to stores within the Durban and KwaZulu-Natal region.

To counter municipal water supply outages, and prevent operational interruptions, SBS® was asked to quote and install a water security system for three distribution sites. Water interruptions had resulted in loss of productivity for the client, who had been unable to continue with services such as crate washing and had been required to send staff home due to lack of water supply to ablution facilities.

Utilising best practice measures to minimise the risk of water shortage and loss, each project includes a water storage tank, water pressure maintenance and water reticulation system. For site 1, an SBS® tank Model ST07-03 with a 57kl capacity was installed, site 2 was fitted with an ST05-02 with a 20kl capacity and for site 3 an EC03-02 with a 7kl tank was installed. As a result of the installation of the SBS® water tanks, operations are no longer impacted and staff are no longer aware when water interruptions take place as the water security plant provides potable water at a constant pressure to their buildings.

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