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5 things to know about your water storage tank supplier

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As a world-class supplier of water storage tanks, there’s a few things you should know about us. Here are 5 things you may not yet know:

We’re Durban Proud
Our Head Office is in Pinetown, and it’s here that we manufacture custom-built water and liquid storage solutions for clients across the globe. We love having visitors, and showing people their way around our warehouse, so let us know when you’d like to pop in for a visit! You’ll also find our Regional Office in Gauteng, in Centurion.

But We’re Not Just in Durban
It’s true! While our Head Office is in Pinetown, Durban…you’ll find SBS Tanks all over the world. Our SBS Tanks USA office is up and running, and already delivering a lifetime of value to clients who need storage tanks across the United States.

You’ll Spot Us Anywhere
But it’s not only the USA that we’re helping to find water tank solutions that work for their needs. You’ll find SBS Tanks installed across South Africa and Africa. In fact, while the Western Cape is trying to mitigate the effects of a terrible drought, we’ve been installing water storage tanks across the province. See if you can spot one of our distinctive water tanks in Cape Town!

First to Market
SBS Tanks were the first company to bring Zincalume® tanks to South Africa. That was back in 1998, and we’re now 18 years into our journey of providing premium liquid storage solutions for multiple industries.

We Work With Multiple Sectors
Our water storage tanks aren’t just single-purpose solutions. In fact, thanks to our commitment to designing, building, and installing, customised solutions for our clients, we’re able to adapt and work across multiple industries. We help mines find effective solutions to their multitude of liquid containment problems, including dealing with hazardous liquids. We’re helping companies stay safe, and on guard, in case of any fire emergencies. We help restaurants, hotels, and other establishments secure their water supply, and we help municipalities ensure their citizens have access to clean, safe water, no matter where they are situated. Most of all, we’re passionate about helping anyone and everyone save water, and that’s why we set up our very own rainwater harvesting tank at our office. It’s not just a research and development project for us, as it’s already helped our company save a bundle of money and kept some of our utilities bills down! If your company is interested in installing a rainwater harvesting system, get in touch!