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Choosing the right water storage tank

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Why your choice of water storage tank matters

Choosing the right water storage tank for your needs is important. But, which type of water tank offers you the best quality, price, and purpose? The answer is easy: an SBS Tank. Here’s why:

Eliminating leakage

Concrete water storage tanks may have a tendency to leak and, if they’re installed underground, it can prove near impossible to detect and repair the leak. Leaks and cracks are often caused by a settling of the earth around the tank, or earth movements, like tremors or earthquakes. That’s why a steel panel water storage tank provides you with an improved solution, as they’re easier to maintain and repair, especially when they’re installed above ground. The SBS Tanks range is designed to withstand settling and earth tremors, and forceful movement that takes place in and around the location of the tank.

Made to move

Relocating a water storage tank can become necessary, when your business needs to move premises, or reconfigure its layout to accommodate new developments or an expansion of your offices. Moving a typical water storage tank can prove difficult. That’s why the SBS range of water storage tanks are manufactured using Zincalume® panels, that can be easily uninstalled, and transported to where they need to go. The customisable design of each SBS Tank makes it simple to move your water storage tank when you need to.

Repurposing your water storage tank

Water storage tanks don’t need to be single purpose solutions, although many conventional types must be, in order to retain the integrity and cleanliness of stored water and liquids. SBS Tanks, however, make use of a variety of purpose-built PVC liners. These liners are installed with your liquid storage tank, and ensure that contamination does not take place within your tank. Moreover, if you need to repurpose your water storage tank, it’s simple enough to do – your installation team will be equipped to replace the liner for you, and ensure your water storage tank is fit for its new purpose.

Withstanding weather conditions

Difficult weather conditions can prove treacherous for businesses, but operating in regions where they’re part of the environment is often essential. Your business needs water storage tanks that are built to withstand difficult weather conditions, and the SBS Tanks Cyclonic range is perfect for these circumstances. The Cyclonic range is manufactured to withstand wind speeds of up to 67 metres per second, and make use of heavier hold down brackets, keeping your tank stable and firmly affixed to the ground. An SBS Tank from the Cyclonic range withstood Hurricane Irma in 2017.

Top quality requirements

Making the right choice when it comes to your water storage tank gets a little easier when you consider the quality requirements your business adheres to. Moreover, top-notch manufacturing standards are a must. All the components that make up every SBS Tank are manufactured in a controlled environment, within the SBS Tanks factory, located in Pinetown, Durban. Each panel and accessory is manufactured in accordance with strict quality requirements and standards, including ISO9001. Adhering to exemplary health and safety standards is similarly important for the SBS Tanks team, and the manufacturing facility is also ISO45001 certified.

Make the right choice for your business needs. Request a quote from the SBS Tanks team for your water storage tank.