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Water Storage: Ensuring Everyone Has Clean Water

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Over the past few weeks, South Africans have been compelled to think twice about what they put on their plates, and how their food is prepared. The Listeriosis outbreak has served as a terrifying reminder that keeping foodstuffs disease-free and safe to consume is not an easy process. More importantly, it’s not one to be taken for granted.

Ensuring that everyone has easy access to drinakable clean water is a key element of disease prevention. Access to water is a fundamental human right, and without access to clean water, communities and families are in extreme danger.

Drinking unsafe water can lead to diseases, including diarrhoea, cholera, hepatitis, Typhoid A, and more, spreading quite quickly through a community. According to Water Wise, 88% of all diarrhoea cases occur as a result of inadequate hygiene and the consumption of unsafe water. Young children are particularly at risk, with most of the 1.8million people who die from these diseases being under the age of 5.

Ensuring every community has access to clean water is a driving force for SBS Tanks. That’s why the company is keenly involved in rolling out municipal water tanks and often assists by providing water storage solutions to communities in need.

As drought conditions continue in South Africa, collecting rainwater and cycling grey water at home has become common practice. But, there again, the possibility of contracting a disease or illness by consuming unsafe water could occur. Keep your family safe by:

  • Ensuring that your grey water containers are stored out of the reach of children.
  • Ensuring that grey water is only used for washing and ablutions, and never used for drinking.
  • Following good personal hygiene.
  • Rinsing all fruit and vegetables in clean water before consuming.
  • If you are collecting rainwater, remember that it won’t be safe for drinking until it’s been filtered and treated. Rather use collected rainwater for washing, cleaning, and ablutions.
  • Making sure your water storage solutions are regularly maintained, clean, and suitable for your needs. If you’d like some advice, give our team a call – we love to chat water!