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Water Storage Solutions for the Future

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The Cape Town water crisis has turned many a dinnertime conversation towards finding ways to produce, conserve, and store, water. But, what solutions would be most effective for our beautiful country, and what water storage solutions work best? Let’s consider the process of desalination.

What is desalination?
Seawater desalination is a process whereby salts and minerals are removed from seawater, to create water that’s suitable for human consumption.

Lessons from Abroad
Desalination, however, isn’t the easiest solution to implement. The costs attached to setting up desalination plants can be terrifying, and there’s also the issue of what water storage solutions to utilise. Notably too, desalination plants can’t be installed overnight – finding the right spot along the coastline, setting up pipes and the plant itself can be quite a lengthy process. This informative and insightful article from BizNews outlined a few more of the problems associated with desalination, while also showcasing how foreign countries had been able to successfully augment their water supply using desalination.

Water for Hotels
One of South Africa’s largest hospitality chains, Tsogo Sun, has invested in a desalination plant that will serve water to three of its hotels in the Cape Town area. The company aims to move its hotels off the municipal water grid in this way, simultaneously decreasing demand on the city’s systems and reducing its hotels’ reliance upon municipal utilities.

Water Storage Solutions
Of course, producing fit-for-consumption water is just the first step. Thereafter, there is a need to pipe that water to where it needs to be, and then store it for use. That’s where we are equipped to step in, and help companies, municipalities, and communities, secure their water supply. Our water storage solutions are built to custom specifications and to fulfil specified needs.  Let our team help you find the best water storage solution that works for you. Contact us here.