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Steel Panel Reservoirs, A Better Water Storage Solution

Steel Panel Reservoirs Are Fast Becoming The Accepted Norm For Industrial, Municipal, Mining & Agricultural Water & Liquid Storage Solutions

The Flagship 3.3Ml Steel Panel Reservoirs
The Flagship 3.3Ml Steel Panel Reservoirs

Steel Panel Tanks & Reservoirs

Steel panel reservoirs are not a new concept when it comes to effectively and safely storing water. In fact, they have been around in various forms for many years. So why, after all this time, are these reservoirs made from coated steel panels now becoming the preferred choice of engineers and water professionals around the world

The answer to this is quite simply that recent advances in engineering and technology have lead to better, longer lasting reservoirs.

  • More durable and effective coating materials such as ZINCALUME by Bluescope Steel have significantly improved corrosion resistance and thus extended the life of the steel panel walls and roofs which form the reservoirs’ outer body. 
  • The introduction of a wide range of liners, made from different water and chemical resistant compounds, that can now serve as a barrier between the steel panel reservoirs’ walls and the liquid being stored. Liners can now be sourced to contain most anything from potable water to diesel fuel and corrosive liquid.
  • Engineering advances have greatly improved the steel panel reservoirs’ structural strength which has resulted in the increase in capacity offerings. An excellent example of this is at Pine Town based, SBS Tanks where we have recently increased the maximum capacity of our ZINCALUME steel panel reservoirs from 2.6 Mega Litres to 3.3 Mega Litres. To our knowledge, we now manufacture the largest tank of this type in the world. This advancement in our product range has also seen SBS Tanks nominated for the prestigious SAISC Steel Awards for 2013. See the article in the EWISA newsletter posted here  SBS Steel Panel Reservoir Nominated For 2013 SAISC Steel Awards.

SBS Tanks Seeing Growth in Tender Specifications Nationally

“SBS Tanks has seen significant growth in the number of tender specifications for our steel panel reservoirs as product popularity keeps improving.” says Managing Director Delayne Gray.  “We are seeing our panel reservoirs specified for tenders for irrigation equipment for rural development schemes, municipal storage, water treatment works, fire sprinkler systems, mining application and many other areas in which we had previously not been active.” Mr. Gray continues.

The Future of Steel Panel Reservoirs Looks Bright

With all of the above advancements the steel panel reservoir has improved steadily over the last 10 to 15 years. This coupled with the exciting developments currently taking place in the engineering world and particularly the field of nanotechnology, the sky seems to be the limit with for new polymers for coating and extending the life of the steel panels and improving the quality and longevity of the internal liners.

SBS Tanks is already at the forefront of the steel panel reservoirs manufacturing market and is constantly researching and assisting on the development of new and better water storage solutions in Southern Africa and around the world. Be sure to follow our blog as we continue to grow our company into a globally recognized force for the supply of ZINCALUME coated steel panel reservoirs.