Steel-Reinforced Water Tanks: Two Steel SBS Tanks Outdoors

Why Steel-Reinforced Water Tanks are Better

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With technological advancements in the water conservation industry, water tanks are being manufactured using a wide range of materials – each with their benefits and pitfalls. This article looks to explain why steel-reinforced water tanks are better, by looking at a few benefits they offer:

  • Steel water tanks last longer & are more durable
  • Steel-reinforced water tanks can be built bigger & better
  • Steel water tanks are much easier to repair & maintain

Benefits of Steel-Reinforced Water Tanks


Modern steel-reinforced water tanks, like our SBS Tanks Standard Range, use special steel compositions to make water tanks more durable and increase their life span. We use a compound called Zincalume® for our steel water tanks, which consists of 55% aluminium, 43.5% zinc, and 1.5% silicon.

Not only is Zincalume® light-weight and versatile, but it offers unsurpassed corrosion-resistance. In fact, this material is four times more corrosion-resistant than galvanised steel. Plastic water tanks become brittle after prolonged exposure to the elements – but not steel-reinforced water tanks!



Since steel-reinforced water tanks are built using panels of steel and inner linings, the size of the tank only really depends on the available space on-site! Steel water tanks can be manufactured in any size, like our MASSIVE 2Ml SBS water tank installed for the Theewaterskloof municipality.

Most plastic tanks are what we call injection moulded. Manufacturers will squirt liquid plastic into a negative water tank mould – which sets in the shape of the finished water tank. Since moulds themselves are limited in terms of size, the tanks they produce can’t get bigger than a certain size.



The problem with injection-moulded water tanks is that, should they become damaged or brittle over time, the only fix is often to replace the entire unit. However, a water tank is something that should be built to last for years and years.

In contrast, steel-reinforced water tanks are constructed piece by piece, which means that should there ever be an issue – individual parts can be removed and repaired or replaced with relative ease.


SBS Tanks is whole-heartedly dedicated to providing superior liquid storage solutions, that are able to withstand harsh weather conditions, in South Africa and across the globe. Connect with SBS Tanks today and find out more about our world-class steel-reinforced water tanks!