Water Tanks in Cape Town - SBS Tanks on a Hill in Cape Town

Zincalume Water Tanks in Cape Town

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Water conservation efforts are now at their peak in the Western Cape, with the City of Cape Town having implemented level 5 water restrictions in early September 2017.

While saving water at home is usually everyone’s first thought around water conservation, saving water at work is important too. Critically, the commercial, hospitality, and agricultural sectors across South Africa, have had to find innovative ways to not only conserve water, but also harvest rainwater, wherever possible.

As part of our commitment to helping companies find water saving solutions that work for them, we’ve installed a number of our Zincalume® tanks in and around the Western Cape. They’re easy to spot from afar, so let us know if you’ve seen one of our SBS Tanks while in Cape Town.

We’ve helped wineries, farms, companies, and whole suburbs, set up water tanks in Cape Town, designing each tank in accordance with our clients’ specific needs.

Zincalume Water tanks can be used for fire protection, and because every emergency plan needs a backup plan, we install two tanks for this purpose, at each site

Our water tanks in Cape Town can also be used to provide a backup water supply for tourism and hospitality establishments, or offer farms and wineries alternative water sources for irrigation purposes.

No matter the climatic conditions or season, water conservation should be a priority for all of us! Get in touch with our team if you’d like to implement rainwater harvesting system for your office, or find out more about our range of water storage tanks.